Ms. Imsutola Jamir

Hometown: Kohima

Qualification: Master of science in clinical nutrition and dietetics

  • Under Graduation:
    • Degree: Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
    • Institution- St Mary’s college
      • Name: Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
      • Location: Shillong, Meghalaya
    • Post-Graduation (Diploma)
      • Degree:
      • Institution-
        • Name:
        • Location:
      • Post-Graduation (Masters)
        • Degree: Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
        • Institution- PSG college of arts and science
          • Name: clinical nutrition and dietetics
          • Location: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu


  • Super specialty
    • Degree:
    • Institution –
      • Name:
      • Location:


Kindly mention any certificate/non certificate short training courses you have attended (Course name/When /Where)

  1. Translating Evidence Based Knowledge to Clinical Nutrition Practice, 10th Apollo International Clinical Nutrition Update (AICNU) 2018, Chennai Tamil Nadu
  2. Pre-Conference Workshop Title-Understanding Oncology: Implications for clinical practices held by Indian Dietetic Association (IDA), Indore chapter 2018
  3. FOOD COMPOSITION DATA– workshop with FAO held by Indian Dietetic Association , Kolkata chapter 2017



Areas of academic interest:

  1. oncology nutrition
  2. Formulating home blend tube feeds
  3. Psychology of eating


Areas of extra curricular interest:

  1. Crochet
  2. Knitting



Previous work experience:


Sl No.Designation (include work as medical officer also)Place of work (Institute/place) Duration
 1 Clinical Dietitian Eden Medical centre2016-2021