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In contemporary times, the challenges confronting health care delivery has been a major cause of concern. Such concerns have been compounded by the alarming increase in the number of people suffering from various kinds of diseases. In our state too, besides other ailments and lifestyle induced diseases, cancer patients have been on the rise. Seeing this trend compounded by the need for better and standardized healthcare delivery within the state, Eden Medical Centre was set up in Dimapur which started its operations in May 2015. Eden Medical Center in actuality is a 100 bedded Multispecialty hospital which caters to all medical disciplines. Going by the current set-up and infrastructure, equipped with imported and up to date machines and equipments, it has stamped its mark in the health care map at least in the Northeast India region when it comes to quality health care delivery. The coming of this Centre has no doubt provided a ray of hope for a new life and is already inthe process of taking medical care to greater heights.


Mr. Yashitsüngba Ao

The Coming of
Eden Medical Centre

The brain behind Eden Medical Centre is the visionary man Mr. Yashitsüngba Ao (87) hailing from Sungratsü village, who already has to his credit Zion Hospital. With increasing need for standardized healthcare and its associated challenges, the coming of Eden Medical Centre is indeed a much needed venture in the service of our people towards improving the quality of life. A hospital with high potential has finally come into being in our own backyard.
On the objective of setting up Eden Medical Centre, the visionary man says with a sense of fulfillment, “Seeing the increasing number of Nagas suffering from ailments not treatable in Nagaland and also taking into consideration the cost of getting treatment along with the various logistical problems of taking a patient outside of the state for treatment, is indeed painful to see patients not being able to manage their treatment costs and thereby resigning to the dreaded fate. So, I decided to set up Eden Medical Centre, where premium affordable health care is available to all Nagas at their doorstep.”

Seeing the current and emerging trends of health related ailments, the coming of Eden Medical Centre can be said to be very timely and opportune especially for our people. Moreso, most cancer patients in Nagaland are diagnosed at later or advanced stages and the patients ritualistically undergo medication and treatment just for the sake of it having already resigned to fate. Today, early diagnosis (before it is too late) has been made possible which will go a long way in saving a lot of lives. With highly qualified, specialized and experienced doctors, along with latest technology and well-equipped machines, we can assuredly see breakthrough in the field of medicine. This Centre has not only redefined the meaning of quality health care delivery but has enabled various forms of treatments in our own backyard without having to go outside besides cutting on the various logistics involved. In this strain, the one man effort of Mr. Yashitsüngba is both highly commendable and laudable in the service of man and society. With the current set up, facilities it provides and the overall infrastructure, which is also in the process of further expansion along with procurement of more machines, Eden Medical Centre, is well set to go a long way in providing the best medical facilities and healthcare in our state and in the region. Eden Medical Centre has provided a ray of hope for a new life as it aptly quotes, “Where healing begins.”