Department Of Surgery

The Surgery department currently is run by Dr. Loli Athikho Noba (MBBS, MS) (AIIMS) Surgery and performs both minor and major surgeries. There is Laparoscopy with High Definition Cameras for keyhole surgeries. For better performance and safety of patients, Harmonic vessel sealing system is used which minimizes blood loss and thereby ensures faster recovery of the patient. Minor cases such as excision of lipoma, tattoo, cyst etc are done as outpatient basis.

General surgical procedures such as laparotomy (intestinal obstruction, cancer stomach, cancer colon etc), cancer breast, cancer thyroid are routinely done. Laparoscopic (keyhole) procedures such as appendectomy, cholecystectomy, gastric or duodenal perforation, liver abscess drainage, hernia etc are also done. Urological procedures such as cystoscopy, urteroscopy and DJ stenting (removal of ureteric stone) are done regularly.