Department of Audiology & Speech Therapy

The Department of Audiology & Speech Therapy at Eden Medical Centre is headed by Dr. Ahuto G. Yeptho, M.B.B.S., M.S. (ENT) and is assisted by Miss. Nohosanu Viswentso, Audiologist & Speech Therapist.

Audiologist & Speech Pathologist specializes in the medical complexities of communication and focuses on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of hearing.

Services provided by this department include assessment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of individuals with various speech, language and communication disorders, such as stammering, voice disorders, hearing loss, delay in speech & language, neurogenic speech & neurogenic language disorder, misarticulation, etc.

This department will also focus on children speech & language therapy for children with hearing loss, ASD, ADHD, Down’s syndrome, etc.

Facilities available at the moment include Audiometry and Impedance audiometry