The Management and Staff of Eden Medical Centre would like to acknowledge the following individuals, families and organizations for their donations during this time of Covid pandemic. We sincerely thank you all for helping our hospital and patients and we pray that our good Lord will bless you all abundantly. Thank you!!!


SlName / OrganizationReceived
1Dr. Kaushik SFood Items
2Dr. Yanger AierCash
3DAYO & Ao Civil SocietiesFood Items
4Mrs. Meribeni & TeamFace Masks & Sanitizers
5Inner wheel Club, DimapurFood Items
6Dimapur BongsaFood Items
7Mr. Aochuba, Director, Nagaland PostFood Items
8Mrs. Naro EzungFood Items
9The Niephiu Rio FoundationO2 Cylinders
10Dr. Athikho LoliFood Items
11Dr. AsangFood Items
12Sis. YantsobeniFood Items
13Dr. Bendangienla / Dr. Vili / Dr. MoanaroFood Items
14Sis. MoasanglaFood Items
15Ashu Kiviho JilimiFood Items
16DABA (Dimapur Ao Baptist Arogo)O2 Cylinders
17DABA (Dimapur Ao Baptist Arogo) & Dimapur Ao Civil SocietiesFood Items & Cash to patients
18Livitoli & IkaliFood Items
19Dimapur Sumi Baptist ChurchFood Items
20Dimapur Baptist Pastor’s Fellowship & Oriental Theological Seminary BADECash to Patients, PPE & Food Items
21Dr. Imo & FamilyCash
22Dr. Kanoto & Mrs. LinotoCash
23 Covenant Baptist Church, DimapurCash
24Sisterhood NetworkO2 Concentrators
25A.T. PatisserieFood Items
26Mrs. Katoli & FamilyFood Items
27Kengem KevichusaFood Items
28Mr. Sungjemtoshi AierBolero Pick-Up for transport O2 Cylinders
29NEPeDBolero Pick-Up for transport O2 Cylinders

18th June 2021                                                                     Management Eden Medical Centre